Drivers License Restoration

Drivers License Restoration

Your car is your closest companion. Whether you are attending college, going to work or moving from one city to the other, you need your car to help you get around. While your car is vital for your movement, your driver’s license is even more crucial. Moving around without a driver’s license can be frustrating, but that is the fate of many Michigan residents every day. Having to rely on public transport, friends and family to get around ruins the fun and freedom in your life.

Thankfully, having a revoked license does not mean that you have to resort to living the unlicensed life. It is possible to restore your former glory by petitioning the Secretary of State.

Circumstances Under Which Michigan License Restoration Can Happen

Unfortunately, cases involving license revocations tend disfavor the client because — unlike criminal charges — petitioners are not innocent until proven guilty. The state reviews your case under the presumption that you presently have drug and alcohol-related problems, and that they will not be restoring your license. However, you can present clear and convincing evidence that shows that:

  • You have the alcohol/drug problem under control and for a certain period
  • The problem will likely remain in control
  • You are motivated to drive safely

The process of supplying evidence involves having letters of testimony, a substance abuse evaluation, a minimum period of abstinence, a drug screen and your sworn testimony.

You must present this evidence in a clear and consistent manner to a hearing officer from the Administrative Hearings Section (formerly called Driver’s License