Marijuana Expungement

Marijuana Offense Expungement 

  • Governor Whitmer just signed groundbreaking legislation that made SIGNIFICANT changes to the state’s existing Expungement laws.
  • One of those changes involves expunging convictions for marijuana offenses.  If you were convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana-related offense prior to December 6, 2018 (like possession of marijuana) and if that offense is no longer illegal based on the new recreational marijuana laws, you may qualify for an expungement of those offenses.
  • If you are qualified, an application must be meticulously completed and filed with the proper court and served upon the correct parties.  The original court of record must be contacted, certified copies of the prior convictions acquired, and ultimately multiple police agencies provided the appropriate paperwork.
  • Once filed, the prosecutor may object to the expungement, triggering a court hearing to decide whether the expungement is valid under the new law.
  • Many employers, schools and other organizations will look at your criminal convictions – why give them a reason to turn you down?
  • According to a University of Michigan study, people who have convictions set aside see almost a 23% increase in their income within one year!
  • Once all of your convictions are “set aside” and sealed from public view, you will be able to tell anyone who asks, “I’ve never been convicted of a crime!”
  • Our office can help you navigate the legal process, file the appropriate paperwork, notify the correct law enforcement agencies, and fight back against prosecutorial overreach and the government’s resistance to restoring your good background.  Together, we won’t stand for this and will fight for your rights under the new law — giving you the best chance to having a successful result.

Contact our criminal defense department today for a consultation to determine your eligibility and discuss representation through this legal process.  The phone consultation is free.